b'R AB E HT G N I S I A Rof handling materials through the workshopnature of workers skills. Dean describes the were introduced. One of the methods Wayneearly team as being like Swiss Army knives. Carson observed on his overseas recce wasWe could weld, we could drive a crane, we the Henry Ford approach to moving materialscould rig, we could do everything. The guys on trollies rather than moving the men.now weld or rig or drive a crane; they focusAdditionally, air quality and lighting wereon one thing and they get very good at that vastly improved, there were loading docks forone thing. the trucks to pull in, and everything was now at a safe working height. There were some big step changes in safety procedures.Change managementThe whole industry was transforming and health and safety was taking a front seat.is a massive thing.Jake Faafua recalls that they werent allowedHumans naturallyto do what they used to; they were no longerdo not like change.allowed to take shortcuts. Everything had to be done in a proper and precise manner. ThereWhen you understand that,was no longer an option to teach yourself ayou understand that youskill, you have to be taught, you have to have to bring them alongbe certified. The health and safety rules kicked in andon the journey.changed everything, says Jake. While he says it made everything more complicated, heMIKE SULLIVAN believes its for the best. But its harder for us [old boys] because weve seen it come in,but the younger ones have never known anything else.It also changed the nature of work and the 89'