b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNAcknowledgementsA League of Their Own is a celebration of D&HOf course, thank you to Mike SullivanSteel Constructions first 50 years; but morefor conceiving this book, and for his invaluable than that, it is a salute to the individuals whosupport and guidance along the way. Similarly, have contributed to its survival and successthanks to Bob Haddon, Wayne Carson andduring that time.Dean Pouwhare for their support, directionTrue to D&Hs values, the brief for thisand review.project was to tell the companys story throughProducing a half-centenary book is a hugely its people. The book has been created almostcollaborative exercise. A special thank you to entirely from the memories of those who haveJohn Frederickson for his enthusiasm from been involved with the company over the years.concept to delivery, and for tirelessly herding, There were so many more people and morecajoling and coordinating. Credit must go to storiestoo many to include here. The book is,Georgia Sigglekow for the beautifully craftedtherefore, a select tapestry woven together tobook design, and art director Alex Sutherland reflect the character of each different era.and photographer Gareth Moon for capturing So, it is important to acknowledge all thethe striking portraits and textures that feature interview subjectsD&H Steel employees pastthroughout the book.and present, and partners and clientswhoWe hope readers have enjoyed this bookgenerously shared their personal recollectionsas much as we have enjoyed creating it.for inclusion in this book. Inviting people to reach back as far as 50 years into the past wasLisa van Beurden a big ask but they all did so with determinationAuthorand good humour. Thanks to friends and families of D&H Steel employees who supported this project by digging up old photos, or making sure old boys were available for interviews and photo shoots.168'