b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNA vision becomes reality to focus on raising his six children. Dave cameand went a couple more times before returning It was always my vision to set up a state-to D&H in 2007 at Mikes request.of-the-art facility, says Mike.Daves motto was, if I can see it, I can fix First, Mike sent Wayne offshore toit. So, when Mike purchased second-hand do reconnaissance on how D&H Steelsplant from a down-on-its-luck steel fabrication contemporaries were approaching steelfacility in Brisbane, Australia, he turned to fabrication, coating and shop drawings. Dave to see to its dismantling and reassembly. It was a whirlwind, 10-day tour of severalDave came out of retirement to accept the plants in Canada, the USA and the UK. challenge. He flew to Australia and in just over Wayne returned with a thorough summationtwo weeks he pulled everything apart and had of what leading structural steel companiesthe machine sectionswheelabrator blaster, were doing elsewhere in the world. It becamefabrication trolleys, side-loader materials the blueprint to develop the companys high- handlingall loaded into containers.tech factory at Mihini Road, Henderson. Back in New Zealand, Dave put the machinesback together and built their new support Plant assembly structures. He worked in stages as construction of the new workshop progressed around him. Dave Drollt was an engineering fitter by tradeI had it all back together and running in time and Mikes resident Mr Fixit. The pair becamefor when the factory was commissioned.firm friends when they worked together on the swimming centre for the 1990 Commonwealth Games in the late 1980s. Dave joined Dixon & Haddon in 1982 and stayed until 1992. Tragically, his wife died inRight: Dave Drollt came out of an accident while he was away working withretirement to see to the dismantling then reassembly of the second-hand the site crew at Sulphur Point. He went homeplant for D&Hs new operation.84'