b'R AB E HT G N I S I A RChapter 10The peoplefactorThroughout the decades, D&H Steels were driven by quality and performance.numerous protests from libertarians with success has been closely tied to itsD&H had a hard-earned reputation forconcerns about privacy, was transferred to people and its client relationships. delivering, says Mike. You can imagine howAuckland in the 1990s. It grew increasingly Its these relationships that haveimportant that is in an airport environment.outdated and, following 30 years of service, In those days individuals had to bewas finally shut down in 2005.supported the company through thevetted through the Wanganui Computer, aTo date, D&H has completed the bulkgood times and the bad. database set up in 1976 to hold records suchof structural steel contracts for Hawkins atas criminal convictions. It was consideredthe Airport. There are two pivotal and longstandingrevolutionary at the time, with then-Minister client relationships in D&Hs evolution:of Police Allan McCready going so far as to sayPROJECTSHawkins and Airport International Airport,it was probably the most significant crime- 1994Duty Free on Arrivaland Westfield.fighting weapon ever brought to bear against1997Plant rooms and other upgradeslawlessness in this country. 2001Front Extension to Jean Batten TerminalHawkins, Auckland Once D&H had been through the process2003Bus Shelters, Air Bridges, Stairs International Airport and had all of its staff vetted, it was easier for2006Pier A SegregationHawkins and the Airport to continue dealing2007Baggage HandlingThrough Bob, Dixon & Haddon formed a solidwith D&H rather than start over with a new2007Pier Brelationship with Hawkins, that was for somecontractor.2008Arrivals Expansiontime the main builder stationed at AucklandThose with a criminal record couldnt2010Airside RetailInternational Airport. John Goulter was CEOwork airside. Obviously, we had a number of2010Hangar 3 Redevelopmentof the Airport at the time and he loved us.people who couldnt work airside, says Mike. 2017Arrival Baggage HandlingThe companies all shared similar values and The Wanganui operation, which attracted 2018Pier B Extension109'