b'Culture it has lost the team and has had to workphysically but logistically too. And its not just hard to reconnect. In the last decade theabout the competitors; it requires a support Ask those that remember the Dixon & Haddoncompany has focused more on staff wellbeing,crew in behind the competitors. It was bloody of the70s, 80s and into the 90sto describeparticularly fitness and outdoor activities.awesome in that respect. the early culture, and common responsesIt has encouraged the team to engage inHeld every February, the 243km challenge include a football team and one massiveactivities outside of work, which has improvedbegins on the West Coast and traverses the family. That sense of cohesiveness andcamaraderie and helped to break downwidth of the South Island, crossing the main familiarity is something D&H has tried totraditional barriers of seniority. divide and finishing on the East Coasts New maintain but it has become more and moreCampaigns have included annual mudBrighton Beach in Christchurch. The event difficult to do as the company has grown. runs and Round the Bays, and multisportincludes running and cycling, and kayaking Something that saddens Mike Sullivanevents like the Motu Challenge and theon the mighty Waimakariri River.is that he cant remember everyones namesRodney Coast Challenge. Theyve all helped toD&H ran five consecutive campaigns and anymore, or what their kids names are. grow the culture. Perhaps none more so thanalways made sure that the support team was Back in the 90s you knew all that.the Coast to Coast.different to the previous year. The on-the-It takes guys like Joey and Jake and George,The Coast to Coast was one of my pets,ground operation included close to 40 peoplewho started at Span Farm and are all stillsays Mike. He and Dean Pouwhare first 20 competitors and 20 supporters. There were working for D&H, to create culture, says Mike.trialled it together to see if it would be anon-screen trackers installed in the office so D&H is conscious of the need to buildappropriate event for a company-widethe team could chart the D&H teams journey. connections but there have been times whencampaign. The event is a challenge, not onlyIt was really cool.Team D&H, family and associates at the 2019Coast to Coast.'