b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNinhouse with the overflow outsourced toFINANCE, ACCOUNTING, PURCHASING,The production office oversees the workshop external contractors, some of whom have beenDOCUMENT CONTROL AND IT operations. working for D&H for as many as 25 years.Behind the scenes, there is a support teamCultural representation has evolved around The team is committed to contributing that plays a critical role in D&Hs day-to-daytrends in the international resource pool.to each jobs success by identifying errors operations, comprising finance, accounting,It began with a strong Bangladeshi andand proposing improvements to the process.purchasing, document control and IT. Indian influence from the shipyard industry They operate at the pointy end of the designThe stalwart of the team is Adele Hikuroa,overseas. In recent years, a strong Filipino process, after the architect and engineer havewho brings a great depth of experience aftercontingent has also emerged. All the while, applied multiple iterations. The detailers20 years with the company. this international flavour has been interwoven must pull all the threads together and createwith locally grown talent. They are eachsomething buildable.PRODUCTION OFFICE AND WORKSHOP their own subcommunity within the wider Its a challenging job that requires a highThe workshop team is the largest team of allworkshop team.degree of good humour. Its not uncommon toand features a colourful mix of interestingWhile D&H has grown, it has retainedreceive changes from the engineerhavingpeople from diverse backgrounds, both longits family focus. Unlike large corporates,already spent weeks building the modelthatserving and young. They work across two longD&H looks after its older employees who have take them back to square one. But they areshifts, which D&H has operated for close todevoted many years to the company and who driven to see it through and get it right. seven years now.continue to provide a good service. Its a win-The single biggest challenge they faceThe workshop team is led by young andwinthe younger team can tap into all of the on a daily basis are changes and gaps in theenergetic Workshop Manager Cameron Rogers,knowledge the old boys have accumulated information between what is required andwho started on the D&H shop floor in 2012. over the years, and the long-serving members what the documents actually show. TheyBob Haddon identified Cameron early onof D&H can choose to keep working and need to be able to read between the lines.as a future leader. He has an easy way ofcontributing. The old boys include Joe Cowan, Its the gap between theory and reality, thatscommunicating with the different workshopGeorge Leefe, John Ahvui, Yakub Kadir, Jake where they sit, says Mike. The job is not justcommunities. Day to day, Cameron isFaafua, Teau Arakua, Vince Naime, Abdul about the drawings; its actually the designsupported by an Assistant Workshop ManagerMunif and Sunil Prakashall with more thanmanagement and coordination step thatand a team of Supervisors and Production25 years of experience at D&H.dictates whether its a success or not.Administrators in the production office.126'