b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNBob would join theteam for a drink andFRIDAY, DOWN TOOLS recalls that after a few have to stand idle for an hour when they first The team worked hard. Come Fridayarrived at work. beers tongues wouldafternoon, it was time to unwind. The fridgeImagine if someone suggests somethingget a bit loose, the ideas would be full of beer ready for knock-off timeto you and you implement it. Thats sowould flow andand, if there was nothing to eat, Bob wouldimportant because they know that Bob listens send someone up to the local takeaway forto us, were not just workers. They really werehe learnt plenty.food or hed find an excuse to fire up thepart of it.barbeque. Competitions in darts and It was Nick Haddons idea to employ pool followed. someone to help make the teams life a By all accounts, the get togethers were laidlittle easier at work. That someone was Jack back, fun and an opportunity to discuss anyFindlay, who was also Aussie Jacks sidekick problems. Bob would join the team for a drinkon the punch and shears. Jack Findlay would and recalls that after a few beers tonguesorganise everyones lunch orders, make the would get a bit loose, the ideas would flowtea and have it ready for smoko, tidy up the and he learnt plenty. lunchroom and clean the toilets. It was a Bob, why dont we do this? Bob would gosimple thing but it saved time, and everyone away and think about it and, if it made sense,loved him.hed action it. There were some bloody goodThe Friday sessions kept the team tight.ideas over the years.One example was Lauries suggestion that he start an hour earlier each morning to load the painted steel, which had dried overnight, onto the truck ready for dispatch. It freed up the gantry crane and meant the team didnt 30'