b'R AB E HT G N I S I A RCommercial Team:Project Management (PM), Estimating (Est.), Quantity Surveying (QS)From left: Mark McKeown (Est.), Jamie Moxon (Est.), Desmond Knowles (PM), Tejinder (Happy) Kumar (QS), Colin Ross (PM), Edna Bondoc (QS), Moro Smith (PM), Ravi Theivendram (QS), Shabbir Rajkotwala (QS), Sam Wells (PM), Michael Simpson (Est.).A team of teams that, if it proceeds, will become the companysflavour, and brings his commercial estimating first hundred-million-dollar job.and quantity surveying experience from In many ways, the story of D&H Steel throughAll the while, throughout this remarkableScotland; young achiever Jamie Moxon, who the years is one of scale. Having started ingrowth, the team, too, has multiplied. Today,has worked his way up from the shop floor; a modest workshop at Span Farm, the smallD&H is comprised ofa team of teams. and local Auckland Westie Ethan Blyth, who team tackled progressively larger and morecomes from a trade background in other parts complex jobs. It landed its first million-dollarCOMMERCIAL of the construction industry and brings a project with the New Zealand Steel expansionEstimating different perspective. in the 1980s, graduating to $10 million jobsThis team is the vanguard for any D&HWhile they work independently onwith the large-scale Westfield Queensgateproject. With Wayne Carsons guidance, itprojects, they regularly use one another as a Shopping Centre development in the mid- negotiates the work and establishes earlysounding board to discuss the best approach 2000s after which it moved to its new state- subcontractor involvement scenarios on keyto problems. Its a stressful role driven by of-the-art premises. In its fiftieth year, D&Hprojects. The team includes three estimators:tight deadlines and involving millions of was preselected for the new Dunedin HospitalMark McKeown, who adds an internationaldollars worth of materials. If you miss a 123'