b'Old-schoolDave Roberts was old-school. Bob recalls him being very particular about preparation.Hed arrive in the morning and first of all hed put spats on his boots to protect them from sparks and gas. Next was a chastity belt, because he had a crook back. By this time Im fuming, when is this guy actually going to start work?. Then its the gloves, the apron and earmuffshe was the first to wear earmuffs in the workshop. He was fanatical about getting that part right every day from the very first dayAbove: Jim Denham.he started work. But Dave was a consummate fabricator. of doing his own work, while still under Daves So much so that Bob didnt think he would watchful eye. find another of his calibre. One day in theWithin another year he was, without doubt, workshop, Dave spotted a 16-year-old boy the best fabricator in our business, says Bob.with potential and asked if he could take himI have not met anyone like Jimmy, who could be under his wing for a year. Bob agreed and thatgiven a drawing and within minutes know in his boy soon excelled. The young man was Jimmind exactly how he was going to fabricate it.Jimmy Denham. So its little surprise that Jim would go After a year with Dave his development wason to become the workshop manager and a truly unbelievable, says Bob. He was capableshareholder in the company.'