b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNThe D&H Way There is an inherent attitude to how we deliver our projects. Its hard to put a fingerD&H had developedThe first 50 years of business have seen D&Hon it but its in the way we behave and in thea reputation for being a Steel face significant challenges only toway we think. It sets us apart and continuesstraight shooter and doing emerge stronger than beforefrom the earlyto develop from our experience of what we union days to the share market crash andknow works and what we know doesnt work,what it said it would.GFC. All the while it has kept pace with thesays Wayne Carson. D&H decided to articulateThis, combined with its ever-changing construction industryoftenits unique approach and gave it a namethecan-do, collaborative and enough it has been at the forefront of thoseD&H Way. changes. Guiding the company on its path isD&Hs success is due, in large part, to theno-surprises approach, something it calls the D&H Way.strength of the culture D&H had nurturedwas a compelling The D&H Way is multifaceted. It comprisesup to that time, and which has continued toproposition. the teams holistic best for project approach,grow stronger ever since. Ultimately, the true its focus on client relationships, its goalessence of the D&H Way lies with its peopleWAYNE CARSONto exceed expectations, and its drive forand its team of teams. This ethos manifests performance when performance counts.itself across the business, with each team The D&H Way has matured with theadding its own value to the D&H Way company ever since it was established in 1972.from the estimating, quantity surveying and But it was during the time of the Christchurchproject management teams, to detailing, rebuild when D&H finally gave it a title.workshop and site teams, to the admin, The company was procuring and deliveringaccounts and procurement support teams. work in such a way that its customers keptAnd the leadership team.coming back for more. D&H had developedIts the secret sauce that will ensure D&H a reputation for being a straight shooter andcontinues to thrive for another 50 years.doing what it said it would. This, combined with its can-do, collaborative and no-surprises approach, was a compelling proposition. 150'