b'Chapter 2Building teamsBeyond the workshop, Bob was a rugby league player and coach of some standing. Later in his career, he also served time on the boards of New Zealand Rugby League and the Warriors.You could say that, for Bob, the sport was a passion. So muchso that the rugby league culture infused that of Dixon & Haddon.The companys foundation was built up with rugby league playersat one stage, recalls Bob, close to a dozen were employed. And thats how the business grew. We brought people from a sporting cultureinto our working culture; it was easy to form teams where theycould contribute.Bob had a talent for recognising peoples skills, and their limitations. He credits sport for his ability to gauge everyones capability under pressure and get the best out of them. I ran the business like I wascoaching a rugby league team. BOB HADDONLeft: 1980 Glenora Premier teamCoach Bob Haddon sits frontand centre with Jake Faafua (bottom right). Photo: Mike Farrelly.Right: Bob Haddon in action on the playing field.'