b'A RE W EN AChapter 4Double actThe company profited handsomely from the boom timesof the early 1980s and by the middle of that decade Barry,Judy and Bob had each sold their interest in Dixon & Haddon. Barry and Judy went on to pursue new things, including purchasing a coffee shop in Queen Street and 10 yearsspent growing calla lilies until Judy passed away in 2000. Meanwhile, Bob stayed on to manage the nuts and boltsof the business as part of the conditions of the sale.Around the same time, in 1984, Mike Sullivan founded Clearwater Construction. Hed spent the past eight years with construction firm Wilkins & Daviesworking his way up from engineering cadet to project managerand he was ready to strike out on his own.Bob and Mike would soon meet. Unbeknown to the pair, they had already had a couple of close encounters: once on a Huntly PowerAbove: Steel roof truss structure being installed over Station job, and later on the expansion of the New Zealand Steel the pool area of the Henderson swimming centre.plant at Glenbrook. Serendipitously, their paths finally crossed while working on the swimming centre for the 1990 Commonwealth Gamesin Henderson. Clearwater Construction was building the pool venue and Dixon & Haddon was managing the steel contract. It was on this project that the pair ultimately met and they went on to forge an enduring friendship. 45'