b'R AB E HT G N I S I A RWestfield Westfields fundamental driver was toSpeedfloor, to offer clients a unique packagecollect rent at the earliest possible time and it the integration of steelwork, concreteDixon & Haddons relationship with Westfieldwas focused on the quickest way to deliver aand flooring to deliver the whole skeleton. began with Glenfield Mall on Aucklands Northbuilding. It was motivated to remove roadblocksIt was an attractive proposition to some, Shore. The mall, originally opened in 1971,and open to faster ways of construction.including Westfield.was bought by Westfield in 1996 and renamedWestfield in Australia had typicallyIt was a mutually beneficial partnership Westfield Glenfield.constructed post-tensioned and reinforcedand they grew together, to the point where A major $100 million renovation in 2000concrete buildings and had no experience inD&H was working with Westfield early onincreased the mall from two levels to five.steel. It was John Frederickson, working asin the projects and influencing the designs.Clearwater Construction secured a largeConstruction Business Development Manager portion of the concrete work, foundations andfor New Zealand Steel at that time, whoPROJECTSfloors, and Dixon & Haddon won a portion ofconverted Westfield from concrete to steel Glenfield, Aucklandthe structural steelwork.on the Glenfield project. Henderson, AucklandDarren Ellis, Westfield Project Planner atJohn recalls reading the New ZealandSt Lukes, Aucklandthe time, recollects Bob Haddon and formerHerald business pages over a coffee oneAlbany, AucklandWestfield General Manager Barry Costermorning and coming across a story aboutRiccarton, Christchurchnegotiating their first contract. Both of thema new company entering the shoppingManukau City, Aucklandwere like old gentlemen sitting around a cardcentre market in New Zealand. I pickedQueensgate, Lower Hutttable complete with poker faces, but theyup the phone, called Westfield and spokePakuranga, Aucklandwere each holding a spreadsheet rather thanwith Construction Manager Todd Grounds.Nuffield Street, Newmarket, Aucklandplaying cards close to their chests. It was justIt happened to be Todds first day in New309 Broadway, Newmarket, Aucklandso interesting to watch who was going to giveZealand. He was intrigued about theChartwell, Hamiltonthe game away first.possibility of steel construction. It was the companys first introduction toThe pair met and the ensuing discussion Westfield, which effectively occupied a dualpaved the way for the wider group of role as the project manager and the owner.companies, comprising Clearwater They were a revelation, says Mike Sullivan.Construction, Dixon & Haddon and 111'