b'S R A EY LY R AE E H TJAKE FAAFUAIn 1988, after 16 years with the railways,Jake Faafua was laid off, a casualty of the recession that followed in the wake of the 1987 share market crash. At the time, he played rugby league for the Glenora Bears and Bob was the coach (refer photo, page 18). So I rang Bob up and he said have a weeks holiday, then come in and start work, says Jake. Bob gave me a job and Ive been here ever since.Jake uses the term close-knit unitto describe the strong team culture. We usedto help one another. If someone got stuck wed lend a hand, says Jake. And Bob got along with all the boys.Jake is still with D&H. He goes to the gym each morning at 4.30 before starting work at 6.30. Hes no longer a welder but he keeps busy in stores, handing out tools and consumables, and doing minor repairs. Left: Jake Faafua in the D&H stores in 2022. 21'