b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNWayne has guided D&H towards an open book to be called fast track but its normal now,approach with clients wherehandovers. Meanwhile in the workshop, there says Wayne. they can price their ownhave been numerous bubbles where different D&H has developed the model furthervariations precisely andtrades are separated across each shift. At one where, under confidentiality, it will now alsopoint, D&H was running 13 bubbles across the provide an actual raw material buy pricequickly. There is a huge trustfactory with staggered start and finish times, per item to set material cost benchmarks. Itfactor when we negotiateand lunch and smoko breaks. The practice has to be done under strict confidentiality asprojects. ensures staff dont all arrive on site at once. D&H is sharing highly sensitive information,But working bubbles also impacted usually held closely between itself and itsMIKE SULLIVANproductivity. Staff isolating at home only supply chain. But, given the constructiondeepened the effect. At its peak in March 2022, market dynamics and speed of change, D&H111 staff were in isolation. It has been a long felt that full disclosure was necessary to giveBUBBLES journey back to full capacity, slowed further everyone comfort that claims for materialSince COVID arrived, D&H Steel has keptby disruptions across supply chain partners. fluctuations are real and fair. For D&H itspace with the ever-evolving pandemic andD&H estimates that it will have lost more than about transparency and collaborative with changing guidance from the Ministry20,000 productive hours across the business risk mitigation. of Health (MoH). To begin, the team createdfrom isolation requirements alone, which is What it has highlighted is the importancemultiple policies to cover everything fromequal to about one months productivity. But of collaboration and earlier engagementcontact tracing and declarations to maskimpacts from the Level 4 lockdowns, when the across the broader construction industry. wearing, hygiene and social distancing. facility was shut, greatly exceeded that. ESI remains a critical procurement modelThese have been adapted depending on theRapid antigen tests (RATs) have been a going forward. alert level or traffic light setting.gamechanger for D&H. Richard Hine recalls Social distancing centred on workingthe day RAT COVID testing became available. bubbles. Different company functions areD&H quickly secured sufficient tests to help siloedmanagement and admin, production,us manage COVID more effectively. And the workshop and site crews. During Level 3,company went one step furtherproviding site crews werent allowed to come into theclose contacts at-home RATs for additional factory and were instead having contactlessdaily testing over and above the two tests 142'