b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNForewordIt is a privilege to have been invitedD&Hs qualities and construction beliefs alignfilled with stories from, and memories of, to write this foreword for A League ofclosely with my own, and which I go to workmany people Ive had the pleasure to work Their Own, a celebration of D&H Steelswith every day and are at the forefront of eachwith over the years, and even more that I 50-year history. The half-centenarydecision that is made: people and teamwork;havent.delivery on time; safety focused; quality My relationship with D&H goes back to is a significant milestone for anyand profit. 1995 when I joined Hawkins as a foreman business and D&H is no exception.Having read the book, I was struck by theat Auckland International Airport. My first Not least because of the buildingmany parallels between our two businesses experience of D&H was the site teamthey and construction industrys inherentD&H Steel and Hawkins. It goes some way towere all about getting the steel structure up volatilitythe industry isnt for theexplaining the success of our relationship overquickly and safely, and working through any faint-hearted. The companys resiliencethe past 30-plus years. What especially stoodproblems together. That was so important.and adaptability is a credit to all thoseout was Bob Haddons philosophy of whateverI have fond memories of talking programmes happens, you must deliver to the client. Its theand methodologies, and solving issues individuals who, together, make up thesame for main contractors. You are judged bywith them on the International Terminal D&H teampast and present.the way you finishyou might experience aRedevelopment through the 90s.few pinch points along the way but it is howAnd they have always been easy to reach I have been in construction all of myyou close out the project that matters because not just the site crew but all areas of the working life and for 27 years I have beenits what everyone remembers. business, from the shop floor and the drawing connected with D&H Steel through projects.D&H, too, has always understood theoffice right through to the management team. Companies are made up of people and thepower of delivery and the importance ofI knew of D&H long before I worked culture develops from them. D&H owes itscollaboration. Its all about the team and thewith the team at the Airport. I grew up culture to the people and characters that are,people, and D&H has never lost sight of that.in West Auckland and once lived just up and have been, part of the business. This ethos is reflected in this book, which isthe road from Span Farm, which is where 6'