b'R AB E HT G N I S I A RChapter 9Investing in the future In 2000, once he had successfullyDean Pouwhare assumed the operational commissioned the Beamline 600, role for the company and Wayne became the Wayne Carson went on to manageGeneral Managerboth became shareholders. various projects for Mike Sullivans Meanwhile, Mike retained an overview of both other businesses, including innovativeDixon & Haddon and Clearwater Construction.All the while, the company was evolving flooring system Speedfloor, a billboardand becoming more sophisticated. And it was company called Stele Media andwhen Dixon & Haddon Structural Steel was Clearwater Construction. He ran thereborn as D&H Steel Construction.latter for a number of years beforeWayne remembers when he was just coming full circle and landing back starting to take over from Mike. Mike was at Dixon & Haddon in 2005.rushing off overseas for a month and the only time he had free for a handover was the night It was a time of change for the business. before his departure. We arranged to meet By 2005, Bob was ready to step away fromin the city and I got a 30-minute briefing on Dixon & Haddon and Mike bought him out.current jobs, clients, project managers names, Jim followed suit in 2012. In between, Mikecurrent progress and agreed programmes established a formal board in 2009, withmoving aheadit was all in Mikes head. Nick Calavrias joining as the inaugural ChairBaptism by fire! following his departure from Steel & Tube. Above: Early company logos.Left: Harpreet (Harry) Singh at theFICEP beamline controls.81'