b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNSustainability D&H Steel is aware it has a role to play to support the industry to build skills, capacity and processes to maximise steels contribution to a sustainable society.Wayne Carson sees it as a generational step change. We are seeing the influence of the new generation coming into the construction sector, and we appreciate that we all have a part to play now. D&H started, like most, by targetingthe easy wins on its sustainability journey. Now its at a crossroads, exploring potential gains that would have a greater impact. Wayne says there is a strong appetite to take an industry lead and to lead by example. The company is compliant with Green Star and in 2022, D&H attained environmental standard Enviromark Gold. Weve also invested significantly inour staff because we recognise the criticalrole that we play as an employer on individuals wellbeing.144'