b'A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNEarly estimating crewRod McIntyre John InskeepIan MathiesonRod had just finished running his own company,John joined the company in 1994. He was aIans time with Dixon & Haddon began in the Waitemata Engineering, when he started withvery competent registered quantity surveyor,late 90s. He had a huge variety of fabrication Dixon & Haddon. We were very fortunate inparticularly in measuring and contractexperience as a quantity surveyor and estimator getting Rod when we did, says Bob. He wasadministration. John rarely, if ever, missedfollowing time spent with several of the major very accurate in his take offs and Bob wouldanything, says Rod McIntyre. He also hadtraditional heavy industrial fabricators. Ians often seek his opinion on fabrication hours andadvanced knowledge and experience in contractmeasures and estimates were always entirely erection time. I valued his opinion immensely,law and disputes, to the chagrin of many a QSaccurate and reliable, says Rod.says Bob. One of Rods strengths was knowingamongst the builders and consultants. Like Rod, he had owned his own successful how a job was to be planned. Bob says John excelled in claiming variationsstructural steel company and was well respected on each job and presented to clients in athroughout the construction industry. Ians way that was seldom challenged by the maintake offs were truly outstanding and he would Dixon & Haddon has contractors. It is a tedious but necessary jobflag any difficulties that might occur in the job, and John excelled in this role. I personally learntrecalls Bob. The one thing I could never get been very blessed with a lot from John as he was a true professional inover was his fine handwriting.our QS team over the years.everything he did.BOB HADDON54'