b'R AB E HT G N I S I A RSITE CREW The crews range in size from two-personRichard stepped into the GM role following The site crews have always been very tight,teams up to 15, depending on the scale of theWaynes move to MD in 2021. The SLT meets says Wayne Carson. Working remotely, theyjob. On site, they experience the programmeregularly to discuss whats working well, are almost a family in their own right. Theyrechallenges and the quirks that come withwhats not and who needs help. like the siblings that were the first to leaveworking outsidethe weather, daylight and homewe talk often and love to see themtraffic. Critically, given their daily, face-to-when they come to visit. face dealings with clients, they are the bestWe lean on eachThe outside crews culture is steeped inambassadors for D&H. other and we supportfamily connections, founded on close relativesThe team is characterised by its inherent and friends. It also offered a pathway for theresilience and stability. Working remotely,each other.teams children, including any ratbag kidseach site crew finds its own way to get thingsWAYNE CARSONthat were having trouble at school, says Deandone and looks to one another for support. Pouwhare. They were put to work and many ofAnd the team is so stable that the main them stayed. Its a trend that continues to thiscontractor often asks for individuals by name. day, and now includes offspring of the FilipinoThat stability gives builders confidence, says team members. Dean. They know us, they know what we can Most of todays site leaders have come deliver and they know there is back up.up through the ranks and most have beenwith D&H for 20-plus years. Some of the SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAMold boys include Dean Pouwhare, Nick Yakas,Todays senior leadership team (SLT) Kevin Deane, Ina Taikakara, Karl Muller,comprises Managing Director Wayne Carson, Tom Heather, Bruce Gemmel, Jimmy NobleGeneral Manager Richard Hine, Operations and Brett Carrol. Up-and-coming leadersManager and Director Dean Pouwhare, include Dean Rafferty, Jordan Brown, Detailing Manager Mike Thompson and Matthew Sinclair, Heneliko Taimovai and Workshop Manager Cameron Rogers. Kyle Finch, and emerging leaders Chad RayThe SLT steers the business, with Richard and Norton Ritete. at the helm leading the day-to-day operations. 129'