b'R AB E HT G N I S I A RAfter some time had passed, Mike began the difficult task of finding a new Chair for the board. Steve Reindler was appointed and continues to chair D&H today. He comes from a mechanical engineering background and has led engineering, environmental, and occupational health and safety programmes for some ofNew Zealands largest companies. Steve worked under John Goulter at Auckland International Airport and was familiar with D&Hs work there. Once established, it took Mike a couple of years before he was converted and truly got the benefits of a formal board. The great thing about Nick was that he didnt push us faster than we could adapt; he nursed us through. head. It definitely changed my view aboutFor Mike, the biggest change was distillingthe one-man board. everything from his head onto paper in aThere were things that we thought we structured format. In the beginning, it wouldwere doing really well, but Nick proved that we take him the best part of a weekend to preparewerent. He challenged us all the way and Steve board papers, now he completes them in abouthas followed through on that even more so.three hours. It made my management a lot more structured. Now when I produce a board paper, Wayne, Dean and the rest of the troops understand the plans and the direction, and everything else that used to whirl around in myAbove: The inaugural D&H Steel board,from left, Mike Sullivan, Rowan Chapman,Max Pearson, Nick Calavrias, Wayne Carson.83'