b'A RE W EN ADixon & Haddon drovethe progressive multistorey Erection innovationmethodology in high-rise projects in New Zealand.Traditionally, multistorey buildings were erected piecemeal, floor by floor, becauseMIKE SULLIVANthats how concrete buildings were built, so builders assumed that was also the way to build steel buildings, says Mike. But every connection costs money, costs time and costs cranes. A single, four-storey-high column with connections for every floor is much quicker to erect than four individual columns with connections only at the top and bottom. Dixon & Haddon drove that multistorey methodology in high-rise projects in New Zealand, erecting four-five storeysat a time. Above and right: Large, preassembled, multilevel column and beam lifts on theCordis Hotel, Auckland.Left: A jumbo roof lift at Foodstuffs North Island Distribution Centre featured 16 cranes.65'