b'A RE W EN ATeau ArakuaTeau was one of the Clearwater Construction carpenters thatwas redirected to Dixon & Haddon following the share marketcrash. He remembers working on the swimming centre for the1990 Commonwealth Games in Henderson and getting to know ateam of Cook Islanders from Dixon & Haddon that was erectingthe steelwork. Not long after, Mike bought into the company and askedTeau if hed like to learn how to rig steel. It was an easy choice.Teaus carpentry skills were easily transferrable to steel erectionand he quickly took to the work, learning by watching. His first project was at Sulphur Point. That was in 1992. Teau has many fond memories of working with Tau, Dean and Ina. He had to leave the rigging crew after he broke his leg on the job in 2009. He was working on a two-metre-high platform when he lost his footing, fell and landed left-leg first on the concrete below. After six months spent recovering in hospital, Dean asked me to join him in the workshop.And thats where Teau still works today, operating the Custom Welded Beam splicing plant.Left: Teau Arakua on theD&H shop floor in 2022.63'