b'A RE W EN APerfect matchMike was an astute businessman with a builders hat and a clear view of the big picture. Mike and Bob each brought different yetThe Clearwater Construction influence added complementary skills to their partnership.real value to Dixon & Haddons offering and the Mike and I clicked straight away and webusiness could now consider things through the both fed off each others strengths, recallslens of a main contractor. Bob. But it was harder for Mike as he wasntMike continued what Bob started and he used to being a subcontractor. In the early dayswas a firm disciple of Bobs core philosophies: Bob would regularly hear Mike give the mainwhatever happens, you must deliver to the contractor a real ear bashing on what theyclient; and you dont turn work away, you find a could and couldnt do. way to do it.The next day he would say to me, Bob, youThe new partnership didnt change the better jack up a lunch with so and so as I mightculture of the work, but it changed the way have gone a bit far yesterday. What I learnt fromthey approached it, reflects Nick Haddon. We all of this was that subcontractors do have rightsdid a lot more work; it was still the same but but you have to fight for them. Mike had different ways of doing things. We got Bob was a great communicator and athrough the work like we used to do, but he had massive teacher for Mike. In my early daysa different look into the future.I was quite an aggressive operator, I took noMike proceeded to introduce changes that prisoners and liked to win every argument.had a big impact on Dixon & Haddons direction. But Bob was different. Bob would win by beingIt included investing in machinery and cranes, everybodys mate rather than being aggressive.which was also good for the workshop team.It took me a while to adjust to that. BobHe gained their confidence early on and it probably thought I was a firebrand in the earlyhelped boost morale. Mike brought a breath of days but he just slowly worked to rub the sharpfresh air into the company, which was needed at edges off me.the time, says Bob.49'