b'S R A EY LY R AE E H TJack and Lauriehad two armchairsMuch like Laurie, Jack was a workaholicand they sat side by sideand never turned down a request to workall the time, says Bob.overtime. He manned the punching shearsWoe betide if anyonein the workshop to make all of the cleats withsat in them for smokoincredible accuracy.or lunch.AUSSIE JACK MCLEANJack McLean started work with Dixon & Haddon in 1974 after he answered a job ad in the newspaper. Jack was Australian and, during his early days in New Zealand, had chalked up a few drink driving charges, which he thought hed made amends for. NICK HADDONEven so, he was ever wary of the lawNick Haddon is Bobs younger brother. He was somehow catching him out. He remembersworking as a butcher when Bob asked him to unloading a truck one day when he spied ajoin Bob Haddon Ltd. He accepted and learnt motorbike coming down the road.how to weld and drive a crane. On weekends, I dropped everything, ran out the back hed work for Barry. When Bob, Barry and of the shop, down the bank and into a full tide Judy joined forces, Nick was already partof mud and shit. He hid there amongst theof the team. mangroves for 10 minutes before dragging himself out and heading straight to the office to ask what the police had wanted. But it wasnt a copper, it was just a courier!25'